Brand, Motion and Web Design. Front-End Development. Analytics.

The work developed for CipherHealth’s marketing team (2015-2020) transformed multiple areas of the company’s brand and established the foundations of its online presence.


Getting themessage right

As the company grew through the years, going from less than 50 to over 160 employees and largely expanding its client base, there was a constant need for ever stronger messaging and branding to support more diverse and robust communication channels.

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That meant increasingly pushing the boundaries of the brand through a variety of use cases, such as new web page layouts, UI components for the company’s products, promotional videos, email templates, graphic resources for internal use, and print material for events.


Building thewebsite

At the center of CipherHealth’s online experience is its website, connecting hundreds of different resources and publications, and supplying essential information regarding CipherHealth, its team, and its core offerings.

The visitor-facing design of the website prioritized a gradual delivery of content. It started on a visually compelling homepage and then evolved into more detailed product offerings, encouraging visitors at various stages of relationship with the company to engage.


On the team-facing side, WordPress was used, which allowed content creators easy editing of the site’s copy and imagery, as well as access to an array of publishing tools.

That setup, paired with a design that prioritized leveraging content created internally, allowed the website to offer a rich experience, while helping position CipherHealth as a thought leader in the healthcare industry.


About Us

About Us





landing pages creation

In addition to WordPress, Salesforce’s Pardot was also employed, in order to help generate, manage and track leads, as well as to create targeted content such as forms and landing pages.


Generating &Tracking Leads

Since the template’s creation, hundreds of different landing pages have been published, while conversions generated through them more than duplicated, relative to the time before it was in use (see stats below).

On it, we were able to design and develop projects such as a modular landing page template, which allowed the team access to a variety of in-brand content types and custom layout capabilities while requiring minimal contact with the page’s code.

Along with the web pages, robust tracking capabilities were implemented, using a combination of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio,and Salesforce Pardot.

Charts such as the one seen here allowed the team to adopt a data driven brand strategy. Through the data seen here, we were able to visualize the impact that the landing page template above had on website conversions (left and right of the dotted line).